Real Fur Teddy Bears by BearLuvr Creations

Handmade, uniquely designed Real Fur Teddy Bears and Friends from recycled fur garments.
Real Fur Teddy Bear Mink Teddy Bear Mink Panda Bear Mink Fur Lion Mink Fur Panda Marten Fur Teddy Bear Chinchilla Real Fur Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Award
Proud TOBY Award Winner!
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Welcome to my Custom Teddy Bear Creation and Design Website!

My name is Kimberly (Kim) Zeman. I make unique, custom collectible Teddy Bears primarily out of recycled real fur garments. This website is my way of sharing my creations with Teddy Bear Lovers and Collectors unable to attend the Artist Shows and Sales where I exhibit. Whatever polish my website may lack is compensated for in the skill and artistry of my handmade teddy bears. I am very honored to have received the 2012 Industry's Choice TOBY Award in recognition of my work!

I have been a Teddy Bear Collector since infancy. My collection began with inexpensive retail teddies and moved to more expensive "collectible" manufactured bears as I got older. About 15 years ago I attended my first Teddy Bear Artist Show and Sale and became enamoured of these custom bears. Artist teddy bears became my focus for additions to my collection. As a bear artist myself now, I still collect other artist's work - even more appreciative of the unique character in each individual bear, and the skill and work involved in creating these soft sculptures.

Picture of Kimberly (Kim) Zeman, Creator of Recycled Real Fur Custom Teddy Bears

My first attempt at Teddy Bear construction was made over 30 years ago using a fabric store pattern and fur. The result was so hideous, I abandoned the idea of sewing handmade teddy bears - until 15 years ago, when I adopted my first real fur teddy bear. That was when I discovered the magic in working with real fur and the remarkable bears born of recycling unwanted furs. I would never advocate the killing of any animal for use in a garment or toy, but I believe making a Collectible Teddy Bear out of a discarded garment allows new purpose from the fur. Each custom bear comes alive in totally different fashion from the variety inherent in real fur. Because I am continually amazed by the different finished "products", I can't wait to begin each new creation. I truly love making Teddy Bears!

Follow the Links at the left to see who's available for adoption in the Orphanage, who is happily in a new home among the Alumni, and some other fun information. If you wish to add one of my Creations to your collection, that is wonderful! Please enjoy looking, and Thanks for visiting.

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